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Knight52's News

Posted by Knight52 - March 28th, 2017

So.. I'm looking for artist, or just animator, to help with my new game.

It's basically a sequel to Me and My Assault Rifle. If you take a look at that game, you'll see graphic is not my strong suit. I want at least someone to animate all my stuffs to reality, and/or draw a better one if possible. I can give you starting sprites and sketch to work with. I actually have sketch for the main character ready,

If you're interested, PM me. I'm willing to pay character by character.

Here's the new main character.



Posted by Knight52 - March 6th, 2016

So, two ICSes passed. It's got a few let's play videos too!. It's by far the most successful game I made. Now, time to move on.

They're the only games that ever made any significant amount of money for me. During the time, I improved myself a lot, especially on focusing on details, and confirmed my weakness in designing levels. I was surprised that nobody complained about level design in ICS I, but that's because the ladder mechanism sucked even more.

In ICS II, I took all the suggestions I received and fill them in. I dare say it was a damn fine job. Nobody complained about them in ICS II, there are new holes to fill, however.

First off, some maps 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 are too damn big. So big that someone has problems playing it. Sorry @DoctorStrongBad, I couldn't help you further.

Did I see this coming? I've thought about it, I knew it would become an issue on computers that are low on RAM, but I put my trust in computer far too much. Some computers that are operating cannot handle the map that big.

Second hole is level designing. I didn't pace it really well. There are big gaps in level 15 - 25 that almost nothing was introduced. I should've introduced night time earlier to, say, level 21. Or even at level 11. Move cannon from level 45 to maybe level 35. And move Walldo (that wall-looking monster. @miroko idea, don't ask) to level 40. And even then, I would still struggle to come up with a level that has them. Designing level is definitely not something I'm best at.

So, to avoid that problem, my future game will probably not have multiple levels. Perhaps reusing the same level over and over again? I dunno.

Furthermore, I gained some experience on doing business with game publishers too. It boosts my confidence in making games, and will definitely help me in the future as well.

A game company's CEO once said something like:
"One successful game can be coincidential, to make the company goes on, we must make one more successful game, then it would be called repeatable success. After that, people will always think your upcoming games will be great. THAT, is a predictible success"
*not an actual quote. So don't quote me on that.

So, I hope I will create a repeatable success. Hope you guys will be waiting for that. This one, as much as I hate to say it, is a coincidence after all.

It was a long way from an idea I came up in 5 minutes while browsing wikipedia for a game jam. The duology wouldn't have come this far without you guys, @miroko, @slaleky.

I've got a new flash game coming up soon. @miroko will still be doing with me, and so does @slaleky I hope. After that, I think I'll try my luck on steam. Maybe you guys will be playing those some day.

Thanks everyone.

- Knight52